How Much Do Jewelers Charge To Cut Off Rings?

If your ring is so small it can’t come off you might need to get it cut off straight away.

Leaving the ring on your finger too long could cause permanent damage, but what if you don’t have lots of money.

I’m sure you’ll want to know how much jewelers charge to cut off rings.

How Much Do Jewelers Charge To Cut Off Rings?

Jewelers will cut off your ring for free because you’ll be using their services to get the ring repaired and resized. Cutting off your ring is thrown in for free. It should cost between $50 to $300 for everything in your average jewelry store.

Can A Jeweler Cut Off A Ring Skillfully?

There are a couple of places you can go to cut off a ring. Emergency rooms and fire stations are obvious examples.

I know the latter sounds strange but firefighters can help cut off your ring in an emergency. They have the tools lying around the station.

But doctors and firefighters don’t care about your ring. They only care about your well-being which could severely damage your ring.

When you’re trying to work out how much jewelers charge to cut off rings money must be a consideration.

It’s why you should only let a jeweler cut off your ring. They’ll be able to do it so skillfully you won’t know it’s been cut once it’s resized.

The ring resizing costs will also come down because there will be less damage the jeweler has to deal with.

Can Tungsten Rings Be Cut Off?

The jeweler will charge you money to cut off a tungsten ring that’s too tight.

Tungsten carbide rings can’t be cut off like gold because they’re made from the toughest metal on earth. The jeweler would need to use a diamond saw.

You would have to say goodbye to your finger because it wouldn’t survive.

Don’t worry because jewelers can still remove tungsten rings. They just have to fracture them safely using a pair of vice grips or locking pliers.

It’s technically ‘cracked off’ as opposed to ‘cut off,’ so there isn’t a ring to resize when the job is complete. Take the large pieces if you have a lifetime warranty.

Ceramic rings need to be cracked off too, so expect the jeweler to charge you a small fee.

Can Titanium Rings Be Cut Off

Jewelers will charge you money to cut a titanium ring off, but it’s for a slightly different reason than tungsten.

Titanium is a pretty hard metal but it’s still possible to cut it off. You just won’t be able to resize the ring once you’re finished.

The metal can’t be soldered together like gold and platinum, so you would have to wear the ring with a chunk out the band.

Just like the tungsten rings, you’ll be charged a small fee to cut it off.

Does It Hurt To Get A Ring Cutt Off?

I know it’s easy to worry about getting your ring cut off, especially when it’s so tight your skin is bulging out of each end.

If the jeweler is trying to protect the ring as much as possible to make sure they can charge you money to repair it will your safety to given less priority?

Even though it sounds like a tricky procedure the jeweler won’t have too much difficulty cutting off your ring without causing you pain.

Once it’s done your finger will still be swollen and sore, but you’ll be able to feel good knowing you’ll get your ring back in great condition.

Do Jewelers Charge To Cut A Ring Off When It Goes Wrong?

Although it doesn’t happen often there will be times when it’s impossible to resize and repair a ring once it’s been cut.

The jeweler might make a mistake when cutting off your ring, or the metal might be so weak from past resizing it’s not going to be strong enough to wear.

A jeweler isn’t going to charge to cut your ring off if they give you a resizing quote and can’t fulfill their promise.

Don’t worry too much about the ring because jewelry isn’t a good investment anyway.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Ring Cut Off And Resized Online?

If you get your ring cut off by a doctor or firefighter you’ll still need to have it repaired. Cutting it off was free but resizing the ring won’t be.

Luckily you also have the option to get your ring resized by an online jeweler. If you look around online you can usually find good deals.

They should be available for around $30 or so, but the total amount of going to depend on how complex your ring is. You’ll also have to pay shipping costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Ring That Was Cut Off At Home?

If you’re the kind of person who likes to live on the wild side you can cut your ring off at home.

But you will need to buy a cheap ring cutting tool first. You can order one online and it will be with you in a few days or less.

It’s a good option when it’s not an absolute emergency. Once it’s been cut off you can send it by mail to an online jeweler and they’ll repair and resize the ring for a good price.

How Much Do Jewelers Charge To Cut Off Rings?

Jewelers don’t usually charge anything for cutting off rings that are too tight. It’s a service they provide for free because you’ll be paying them to resize and repair the ring once it’s been cut off. Expect to pay up to a few hundred dollars at most jewelers.

If you have a metal ring like tungsten or titanium you will pay a little to get it cut off. It’s because you won’t be able to salvage the rings afterward.

You can also get your ring removed at a hospital emergency room or fire station. Firefighters won’t ask for anything to help you out.

Hospitals are usually free although it depends where you live and you might be charged for the service.

The reason I’ve mentioned them is that in an emergency you can’t wait till a jeweler opens, but it’s best to visit one for maximum results.