What Does A Pinky Ring Mean On A Man?

What does a pinky ring mean on a man? Is he a drug lord, a mafia boss, or a member of a biker gang?

People will be surprised to know men were the first to wear rings on their pinky fingers throughout history.

And there is a reason why powerful people in movies seem to wear them all the time.

What Does A Pinky Ring Mean On A Man?

Men have worn pinky rings in modern history as a symbol of wealth and prestige. Signet rings were a popular way for men to show they belonged to a high social class. In later years, it was less about tradition and more about making a fashion statement.

Pinky finger ring meaning in the past

In the past, wearing a pinky ring meant your family had a large amount of wealth. Kings wore pinky rings so someone could potentially have a royal lineage.

Signet rings could have a carving of the family crest, so men would use it to seal letters and sign documents. It’s something poorer people wouldn’t need to do.

Men also used to put their wedding band on their pinky finger directly underneath their signet ring. Prince Charles still wears his wedding ring on his left pinky.

There is a ring size difference between fingers, so if you want to do the same thing you’ll need to get your wedding band resized.

What does a pinky ring mean on a guy these days?

When men wear a pinky ring it can mean a lot of different things these days. It will depend on the person who is wearing one. Here are some times one might be worn:

  • Organizations
  • Avoiding marriage
  • Sexual status
  • Fashion statement
  • Funeral costs


Pinky rings are still popular if you’re part of a certain organization. Let’s look at some of the organizations that might wear pinky rings today:

  • Organized crime
  • Religion
  • Graduating students
  • Professions

If you watch Hollywood movies members of the mafia, drug lords, pimps, bikers, and anyone else involved in organized crime wear pinky rings.

Men involved in organized crime in real life wear pinky rings too. It shows they’re part of a specific gang or family, but it still has roots based in history.

They want to wear pinky rings because it conveys strength, wealth, and power. It’s sadly why pinky rings have a negative connotation attached to them.

Priests can wear pinky rings to show they’re married to god. Pinky rings are popular in religion because nuns sometimes wear them too.

Graduating students and men in the same profession sometimes get pinky signet rings to show they’re part of the same brotherhood.

Avoiding marriage

People wear engagement and wedding rings on the ring finger because of the vena amoris (vein of love). It was believed the vein ran to the heart.

So wearing a ring on the ring finger symbolized love because it connected a ring directly to the heart.

Men began wearing pinky rings on their pinky fingers to tell people they weren’t ready to get married. It became a symbol of loving oneself.

Feminists started wearing pinky rings over the last 100 years to show they didn’t need men. It’s a big reason why priests wear pinky rings on the left hand.

Even the Pope wears a pinky ring to show his non-marital intentions because people in the church won’t usually get married preferring to stay celibate.

Sexual status

Gay men used to wear pinky rings as an outward sign of their sexual identity at a time when things like gay marriage and equal rights didn’t exist.

It’s become a stereotype today which is why lots of people think wearing a pinky ring is a feminine trait. It’s the exact opposite of what it was meant to signify in the past.

Is it okay for a man to wear a pinky ring to showcase their sexuality today? Nobody is going to know for sure what a pinky ring means.

Fashion statement

After World War 2, pinky rings became less about tradition and more about fashion. There are still some traditionalists all over the world today.

But if you see a normal guy out dancing with a pinky ring it’s likely they just want to make a fashion statement. They want to scream ‘look at me’ at the top of their lungs.

When you’re wearing a pinky ring as a fashion statement you don’t need to be wealthy. You just need to think it makes you stand out among the crowd.

There are different styles of pinky rings today that will go with anything you wear. You’ve got to admit when you see a pinky ring it does stand out.

Funeral costs

Nomadic grifters who used to move from state to state wore pinky rings in case they died. When the ring was sold it would be enough to take care of their funeral costs.

These kinds of people might not have any family to help them out. Even though mafia members had a close family their pinky rings were sometimes used for the same purpose.

If anyone died a pinky ring could be put towards funeral costs. It’s a good plan when you’re living in a world with a low life expectancy.

Most jewerly is a bad investment so it’s unlikely a man’s pinky ring would cover those expenses today.

What does a pinky ring mean on a man’s left hand?

The left hand is traditionally where men wore pinky rings. It was where someone would wear their signet ring.

Most people are right-handed so a pinky ring on your left hand isn’t going to get in the way. The right hand was always seen as the dominant powerful hand.

When it came to your character and beliefs the left hand was viewed as the mental hand. If you’re left-handed I’m sure you’ll think the exact opposite.

The left hand is also where the ring finger sits in most western countries and the reason why men wore pinky rings relates to marriage and family.

What does a pinky ring on the right hand mean?

What does it mean when a man wears a pinky ring on his right hand? It’s usually just a preference unless someone is trying to be a rebel.

Winston Churchill is a good example of a man who liked to wear a signet ring on his right pinky finger. He was known for being more of a rebel than a sheep.

When it comes to fashion a pinky ring on the right pinky might look better. You might have to think about where you’ll wear your watch or bracelet.

What does wearing a pinky ring symbolize right now?

What would you assume if you saw a man wearing a pinky ring when you walked down the street?

Traditionalists still wear pinky rings as a status symbol. They use it to show the world they’re wealthy and powerful, although they’re probably not related to royalty.

Never trust a man with a pinky ring

Unfortunately, if someone is wearing a pinky ring today most people will assume they’re someone to stay away from because they’re a criminal.

It’s why they say you should never trust a man with a pinky ring. You don’t want to get into trouble with the mob or a dangerous gang.

What Does A Pinky Ring Mean On A Man?

Pinky rings on a man can mean almost anything as we’ve shown today. In the past, it might have meant something specific but today it does not.

One of the big reasons might be because signet pinky rings are so cheap anyone can own one. Plus you use a pen to sign documents, and send emails instead of letters.