Can Platinum Rings Be Resized?

Platinum rings are denser, purer, and more expensive than white gold.

But can platinum rings be resized as easily?

Even though the process is more complex I think you’ll be pleased.

Can Platinum Rings Be Resized?

Platinum ring resizing is possible although it’s more labor-intensive and time-consuming. Resizing a platinum ring can damage the stones so they must be removed. Jewelers need specialist equipment like a laser machine to achieve maximum results.

Platinum Ring Resizing Process

When you resize a platinum ring it’s going to take more time and cost more money. Owning a platinum ring has lots of benefits, but it does have a few downsides too.

I’m sure you’ll want to know why you’re paying so much.

Note: There might be an easier solution than resizing if your ring is suddenly too tight.

I’m sure you’ll want to know why you’re paying so much. Especially if you’ve paid to have a gold ring resized before. Let’s look at the steps involved when resizing platinum rings:

  1. Removing all stones
  2. Resizing platinum ring
  3. Resetting the stones
  4. Polishing + cleaning

1 Removing all stones

When resizing a gold or silver ring you don’t always have to remove the stones. It’s usually only when working on complex designs with tricky settings.

Platinum needs to be heated up much hotter than gold before it’s cut, plus heat can transfer through it a lot faster.

So before a platinum ring can be resized the jeweler needs to remove all the stones.

Here is a quick list of some popular gemstones that can crack, burn, or discolor once exposed to a high enough heat:

  • Emerald
  • Jade
  • Opal
  • Topaz
  • Onyx

2 Resizing platinum ring

Platinum rings are resized up and down using the same technique they would use to resize gold and silver rings.

To resize a ring up the band is snipped and a piece of platinum is added to the band
To resize a ring down the band is snipped and a piece of platinum is taken away from the band

If a jeweler wants to resize platinum rings without causing any damage they won’t use a torch. Instead, they’ll use a special laser machine to cut the rings.

A laser machine is far more precise than a torch, which is great when you’re working with high heat. It’s especially brilliant in two ways:

  • Porosity
  • Visible sizing lines

Porosity – The definition of porosity is the percentage of void space or volumetric fraction of pores in a material. Or holes in your platinum ring.

When platinum rings are resized using a laser machine there’s less chance of little holes appearing during the resizing process.

It means your platinum ring will look amazing once it’s been resized.

Visible sizing lines – You won’t be able to see any visible sizing lines when the jeweler used a laser machine to resize platinum rings.

If someone was to inspect your ring after it was finished they might not even realize it’s been resized up or down.

The only other difference is using platinum wire when your ring is being connected back together, which is tougher than regular solder.

3 Resetting the stones

Platinum is much more malleable than gold and silver. Plasticity allows platinum to be shaped into something else much more easily without breaking.

So it’s easier for the jeweler to replace the gemstones in platinum rings while making sure the ring setting looks perfect.

It does still take time to replace the stones, which could have been avoided with gold, which is why you have to wait longer and pay more.

4 Polishing + cleaning

Once your platinum ring is resized the jeweler just needs to polish and clean it.

The jeweler will have a special set of abrasives and buffs they use on platinum jewelry.

All the debris from the work will be completely removed using steam or an ultrasonic tank.

By the time all this is finished the ring will look flawless and you can collect it.

Can A Platinum Ring Be Stretched?

A platinum ring can be stretched but it’s something you can avoid at all costs. A stretching wheel sounds more like a medieval torture device.

Some jewelers will usually propose this option if you have a plain band with no gemstones because it does work.

It can look attractive because it’s a quicker and cheaper solution.

But stretching the metal doesn’t result in an attractive finish and it’s going to compromise the structural integrity of your platinum ring.

There is a cheaper solution if you want to resize your ring in the other direction.

Adding sizing beads to your platinum ring will help it fit more snugly and they can be taken off whenever you want.

Questions + Answers

How Long Does It Take To Resize A Platinum Ring?

Resizing a platinum ring will usually take around 1-2 weeks. It takes longer to resize the ring because all the gemstones will have to be taken off before the platinum is exposed to high heat. Once it’s done it will take time to put them back on again.

The exact time it will take a jeweler from start to finish depends on things like your setting and how many small gemstones it contains.

You also have to take into consideration how busy the jeweler is. If you’re not first in line they might not get around to working on it for a week.

How Many Times Can A Platinum Ring Be Resized?

Platinum should only be resized twice over its lifetime. Once you start cutting into the band all the time it’s going to be weakened. If you kept getting the ring resized it would come to a point where the metal would just snap in half.

If you’ve been gifted the platinum ring you should ask how many times it’s been resized. If you don’t get a definitive answer speak to a jeweler.

It’s why it’s so important to size your ring correctly at the point of purchase. And always size your ring up if you have to choose between bigger and smaller.

At least when it’s slightly bigger you’ll be able to add ring sizing beads to the platinum band.

How Much Does It Cost To Resize A Platinum Ring?

Platinum rings can cost around $100 if you’re resizing down because you’ll be taking metal away. It can cost hundreds of dollars to resize up because you’ll be adding platinum, which is more expensive than gold. It will depend on how complex your ring is.

If you have a complicated design with lots of little gemstones the price will be quite high, but simple designs won’t cost you a lot more than resizing down.

The final price will also depend on how pure the platinum in your ring is because the jeweler will want to use the same purity to resize your ring up.

Can Platinum Rings Be Resized?

Take your platinum ring to a jeweler who uses a laser machine to cut the band. Once your ring is resized the finished product is going to look much better. Just remember resizing a platinum ring is going to take more time and money than gold rings.

You’ll only be able to go up or down a couple of ring sizes, but speak to a reputable jeweler and they’ll be able to guide you through everything.