Pros And Cons Of Ring Enhancers (Ring Guards/Jackets)

Your engagement ring is the most beautiful ring you’ll ever own and you’ll wear it all the time.

But do you think it could look better? If you don’t know about the pros and cons of ring enhancers you should find out right now.

If you get a ring enhancer you’ll get to explore lots of new ways to make your engagement ring stand out even more.

Pros And Cons Of Ring Enhancers

The main advantages of ring enhancers are their ability to enhance the look of your ring while protecting them from damage. Ring enhancers can’t be resized, which is the biggest disadvantage, your diamond engagement ring might not fit all styles.

Engagement Ring Enhancer Pros

  • Enhances overall appearance
  • Protects your engagement ring
  • Rings look more cohesive
  • Might be more comfortable
  • Can be removed + replaced
  • Save money by buying a set

Enhances overall appearance

You’ll always get bored of accessories over the years. In most cases, it’s fine. You can throw away a statement ring when you get bored of it.

But an engagement ring? I’m sure you’ll want to wear it for the rest of your life. A ring enhancer lets you enhance the appearance of your ring without replacing it.

It’s like enhancing the appearance of your car with pink dice and a silly bumper sticker, only more elegant.

There are different types of ring enhancers, so you’ll surely find one you like. Here are a few different ones you’ll come across:

  • Circle guard enhancers
  • Side wrap enhancers
  • Duel wrap enhancers
  • Ring enhancers with diamonds
  • Ring enhancers with colored gemstones

Ring enhancers come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and metals. You will need to check to make sure the one you want fits your engagement ring.

Protects your engagement ring

A lovely diamond sitting atop a solitaire ring looks dazzling when you’re posing for engagement photos, but it’s not very practical in the real world.

Over the years, your diamond ring is going to get bashed around. You’ll bang it on the edges of tables, smash it into closing doors, and scrape it on chairs.

A ring guard will protect your diamond engagement ring from damage. Most ring jackets will protect your e-ring from both sides.

It doesn’t mean it will become invincible, but you won’t need to worry about it all the time.

Rings look more cohesive

You won’t always be happy wearing one ring on your finger. What will you do if you’re not wearing a ring enhancer?

You’ll combine a wedding band and a solitaire ring. Maybe you’ll throw another ring on your finger to enhance the look even more.

When you combine different rings and styles it doesn’t look very cohesive. Ring guards will look like they were designed to match your engagement ring.

If you care about your engagement ring looking elegant, an enhancer is the best choice.

Might be more comfortable

Does your engagement ring ever spin around so much it frustrates you? Even if it’s okay today, it might get worse when your fingers aren’t swollen.

A ring jacket will add extra width to your ring, so it won’t spin around so much.

Most ring enhancers are soldered to engagement rings, which means there isn’t any annoying movement between them. It helps protect the solitaire when they don’t rub against each other.

Can be removed + replaced

If you don’t solder a ring enhancer to your engagement ring you can replace them within a few seconds. Slip your enhancer off and replace it with a new one.

Even if your bands are soldered together you’ll still be able to separate them pretty easily. It won’t take a jeweler long with the right tools.

If you build up a collection of ring enhancers during the years, you can swap them around whenever you want. Just make sure you give the jeweler enough time to carry out the work.

Save money by buying a set

Diamond engagement rings are expensive. Wedding rings are pretty expensive too. By the time you add a ring enhancer, you’ll be spending a lot of money.

People think weddings are overpriced, but rings are a close second.

If you buy a ring enhancer set from the start you’ll be able to save lots of money. Jewelry stores will have lots of great options to choose from.

It’s a great option for anyone who plans to reduce their costs as much as possible without compromising on a beautiful ring design.

Engagement Ring Enhancer Cons

  • Some enhancers don’t look good
  • Your engagement ring must fit
  • Ring enhancers can’t be resized
  • Can’t wear enhancer on its own
  • Moving your wedding ring
  • Ring enhancers can be expensive

Some enhancers don’t look good

Some ring enhancers won’t look good with your diamond ring inside them. An extravagant design might be too much for a simple solitaire ring.

Colored gemstones might not look good if you have a colored diamond. The ring enhancer size and style are the two areas where you’ll find problems.

Even if you find a ring guard you like, you might need to forget about it. It’s why buying a set from the start isn’t a bad idea if you can afford it.

Your engagement ring must fit

Do you think a massive pear-shaped diamond is going to fit into every ring jacket? The ring enhancer you choose doesn’t just need to look good.

The diamond ring needs to fit inside it. If you have a round diamond that isn’t too big, it’s going to squeeze into most ring enhancers snugly.

Problems begin if your diamond shape is less common and it’s bigger than what most people wear. If you have a giant diamond maybe you can order a custom ring enhancer.

Ring enhancers can’t be resized

Gold and platinum engagement rings can be resized, especially if it’s a solitaire ring. You can usually go up two ring sizes without any problems.

Ring enhancers can’t be resized because the bifurcated designs are too complicated. It’s not just a simple band, plus it sometimes has so many stones it looks like an eternity ring.

You’ll need to make sure you get the right size no matter what. Jewelers will recommend you go up a size because extra bands on your finger offer a snugger fit.

Can’t wear enhancer on its own

Do you wear your diamond engagement ring every day? Some people don’t like to wear expensive rings in certain situations, like going to the beach.

You can’t wear a ring enhancer on its own (if it’s not soldered), so you’ll always have to leave it at home if you don’t wear your engagement ring.

You can always wear a separate wedding band because it’s not as expensive.

Technically, you can slip a ring enhancer on your finger without a solitaire ring. It would just look silly sitting all alone.

Moving your wedding ring

If you already have a wedding band it will be replaced by the enhancer. You won’t be able to wear everything on the same finger.

You will have to move your wedding band to a new finger if you choose to keep it. In most cases, it’s not going to cause any problems.

If your wedding ring is a family heirloom you might be more apprehensive about moving it or leaving it at home.

Ring enhancers can be expensive

Ring enhances are a lot bigger than simple solitaire rings. There will be a lot more metal and they can contain a lot more gemstones.

If you choose a metal like platinum it’s going to add up because it’s so expensive. White gold will also be a lot more expensive than sterling silver.

The 4Cs will determine the cost of ring enhancers will diamonds. Costs will vary depending on which other gemstones you use.

What is a ring enhancer used for?

Ring enhancers are primarily used to improve the look of your solitaire engagement ring and protect it from harm. Some people want something more stylish than a basic diamond ring.

Certain styles will protect your solitaire ring more than others. For example, circle guard and duel wrap enhancers are more protective than side wrap enhancers.

How do you use a ring enhancer?

Your engagement ring will slip inside a ring enhancer. Once you find a design that fits you’ll have a couple of options to choose from, which includes soldering your bands together.

If your solitaire engagement ring and band enhancer are soldered together, your rings won’t rub together and you’ll have a more comfortable fit.

If you don’t solder than together they won’t fit perfectly + you’ll have less protection, but you’ll be able to wear your engagement ring on its own or with your wedding band.

How do I choose a ring enhancer?

Ring enhances come in lots of different styles. They’ll be different shapes, sizes, metals, and have different gemstones.

The most important thing is making sure your diamond ring fits inside the ring guard.

If your ring fits okay, you just need to worry about the cost/design.

How much are ring guards?

Ring guards can cost thousands of dollars. You’ll find certain designs with gemstones so expensive they will cost more than the average home.

You could also find ring enhancers for around $50, which won’t have real diamonds or gold bands. Everyone will find a ring guard no matter their budget.

Are ring enhancers tacky?

Ring guards can enhance the look of your engagement ring, but they can also look tacky if you’re not careful.

If you choose a cheaper metal make sure you look after it properly. When the metal starts to discolor or change shape it’s going to hurt the appearance of your rings.

Don’t choose anything too flamboyant if you plan on wearing the ring enhancer regularly. The same ring you might wear to a party won’t always look great at work.

Pros And Cons Of Ring Enhancers

The pros outweigh the cons when it comes to ring enhancers. It’s the best way to look even better without replacing your engagement ring.

You’ll also appreciate how much it protects your fragile solitaire ring over the years. Thin diamond rings can sustain a lot of damage without a ring guard.

Just make sure you choose the right size and style when you buy the engagement ring enhancer and you’ll be fine.

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