Does Resizing A Ring Devalue It?

If you have a ring that doesn’t fit, you’ll want to know one big thing.

Does resizing a ring devalue it enough to hurt you financially?

There is a long answer and a short answer, so let’s quickly look at the latter first…

Does Resizing A Ring Devalue It?

Resizing a ring doesn’t devalue it enough to the point where you’ll lose out. Professional jewelers should be able to retain the original beauty of the ring. You’ll lose nearly all of your money at the point of sale because jewelry has a huge retail markup.

Do you have the ability to take your ring back to the jewelry store?

If not, get your ring resized if it doesn’t fit you correctly. Wearing your ring every day is better than leaving it in a drawer.

Can A Resized Ring Increase In Value?

Surprisingly, a resized ring can increase in value even though it’s not going to be anything worth shouting about.

It should still make you feel better if you’re apprehensive about getting your ring resized.

Two cases spring to mind where a ring will increase in value once it’s resized:

  • Most popular ring sizes
  • Extra gold

Most Popular Ring Sizes

If you look at a ring size chart you’ll see there are lots of ring sizes, which usually fall in between sizes 3 and 13.5 in the US.

But a lot of women will have a ring size somewhere in between 6 and 7.

Your ring might currently be under a size 6, and once it’s been resized it will fall into the most common ring size range.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, it might be larger than a size 7, and resizing the ring will bring it into the most common size range.

Rings between sizes 6 and 7 tend to be a touch more expensive in some cases because there is more demand for them. But it’s not going to be a lot more.

For men’s rings, the same kind of thing applies and the common ring sizes fall between 10 and 11.

Extra Gold

Did you size the ring up or down when you bought it? I would recommend everyone size up when buying a ring because it’s easier and cheaper.

But if you decided to size down you’ll need to add extra gold to the ring band to make the circumference larger.

The extra piece of gold a jeweler uses to resize rings is worth a little money, which you’d get back when you eventually sell the ring.

When Does A Resized Ring Lose Value?

In a couple of rare cases, rings can lose quite a lot of value although it’s only going to apply to a very small number of people.

Here are two scenarios where I can think of resizing harming ring resale value:

  • Famous designers
  • Antique Jewelry

Famous designers

If your ring was created by a world-class brand or designed by a celebrity designer it’s going to have an added value you can’t put a price on.

Let’s say your favorite designer made a hundred rings and you were lucky enough to get one. Would you still want to get it resized?

If so, when choosing a jeweler make sure they’re extremely talented. They must resize your ring without ruining the stamps and markings.

A competent designer should be able to resize the ring without damaging it, but it’s still technically a risk you’ll have to take.

Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry is like a fine wine or a stringent saver. They’re worth more if they’re older.

Old rings might need extra maintenance anyway due to the fact they’ve been through the trenches, so you can still get one resized if it doesn’t fit.

That being said, you do have to be very careful and select your jeweler thoroughly.

Antique rings are marked up so you’re not just paying for the gemstones and gold. Some engagement rings can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Why A Good Jeweler Is So Important

I know we’ve talked about choosing a quality jeweler a few times, but it’s worth stating again because it’s so important.

A great professional will be able to make sure:

  • A ring retains its structural integrity
  • Original beauty isn’t distorted
  • Gemstones won’t be damaged or loosened
  • You won’t be able to tell it’s resized
  • It isn’t stretched or compressed

If you take it to the wrong jeweler and it’s messed up the price will depreciate. Simple things should be enough to keep your ring safe.

Like subtracting or adding metal during the ring resizing, as opposed to stretching or compressing the alloy band.

Or knowing which gemstones are more sensitive to heat so they’re removed then reset to avoid any damage.

You will need to give the jeweler important information too, like whether or not it’s already been resized a few times in the past.

A ring should only be resized twice throughout its life. Any more and it’s going to be severely weakened as it keeps being resized.

There are ways to check why your ring suddenly feels tight that might mean you don’t need to get it resized. For example, fingers change size throughout the year.

Why Do Rings Depreciate In Value?

I think the biggest reason why you shouldn’t care too much about resizing your ring is that it’s not going to be worth much anyway.

The only real value rings usually have is sentimental value, especially if you choose something like stainless steel jewelry.

Jewelry stores might mark up prices around 200-300%. Luxury brands even more. And engagement rings can be even worse.

The money you make from selling a ring comes when you’re buying it. Resizing your ring won’t affect the price much, and it will have the same retail value.

How Much Do Rings Depreciate In Value?

I was worried about getting a ring resized because it might depreciate in value. Until I found out how much you’ll get for your old ring.

If you reach a point where you want to sell your ring expect to receive around 20-60% of the price you paid for it. Even if it’s a beautiful engagement ring with a nice diamond.

Diamonds and other precious stones retain their value quite well. It’s even good to have some lying around when the stock market isn’t doing good.

But that’s only when you buy the gemstones from as close to the source as possible. Not from jewelers who buy at wholesale prices.

Jewelry stores and pawn shops will usually pay 50 cents on the dollar for gold.

Does Resizing A Ring Devalue It?

Resizing a normal ring won’t devalue it in most cases. Rings from famous designers and antique rings must be handled extra carefully. When gold is added to rings during resizing it could increase the value a little bit.

Done correctly, you won’t even be able to tell a ring has been resized so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Just don’t choose the cheapest option you can find when looking for a jeweler. There is also another good option for those who want a ring resized larger.

You can use ring sizing beads to make the ring tighter without cutting into it. Sadly, sizing beads can’t be used when your ring is too small.

Resizing beads are small knobs soldered onto the bottom of your ring band to make the ring tighter on your finger. You can go down a few ring sizes before it starts to look ridiculous.