What Does A Ring On A Necklace Mean?

Lots of people wear a ring on their necklace because it looks stylish.

But there are some meaningful reasons why wearing a ring on your necklace is an obvious choice.

If you’re thinking about wearing a wedding band on your necklace, I’m sure you’ll want to know what people will think when they see it.

What Does A Ring On A Necklace Mean

It might be safer to wear your ring on a necklace if you work in certain fields. When people lose a partner, it’s a fitting way to remember them. It could be for health reasons, it might not fit anymore, or you might hate wearing rings.

It’s impossible to know the meaning of a ring on a necklace without asking everyone individually, but let’s look at a few reasons in detail to give you a hint.

  • Career choice
  • Too big/small
  • Widows/widowers
  • A promise ring
  • Health reasons
  • Personal preference

Working in a rough industry

It’s dangerous to wear a ring if you’re working with power tools and machinery. If it gets caught in something, it could cause a huge amount of damage.

When you work with cleaning products and lab chemicals, you’ll need to wear gloves. It’s sometimes awkward wearing gloves when you have a ring on.

If the ring cuts the gloves will you get chemicals on your hands? What would it do to your gold or platinum ring? Could it damage your gemstones?

There are lots of reasons why it might be better to wear your wedding band on a necklace while you’re at work.

At least you’ll always know where it is.

The ring doesn’t fit anymore

It’s usually okay if your ring is too big. You’ll be able to get it resized, plus there are solutions for when that’s not possible:

  • Ring resizing beads
  • Ring adjusters
  • Ring enhancers

You’ll even be able to tighten it up with an elastic band. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more difficult if your ring is too small.

You can only size up gold and platinum rings a couple of sizes. And if it’s already been resized a few times, it might be too fragile to size up again.

So the best solution is to wear a ring on your necklace because you’ll still be able to put it on every day. If it holds sentimental value, you won’t want to leave it sitting in a jewelry box.

Someone has lost their partner

When someone loses their partner, they won’t take their ring off straight away. Over time, they might decide to move the ring to their necklace.

It’s a good way to show you still love someone without giving the impression you’re married. If you meet someone else, you’ll need to take it off your finger.

What is the meaning of a ring on a necklace that belongs to a late husband?

Women sometimes wear a deceased husband’s ring around their neck. When it’s on a necklace, it’s close to their heart.

She’ll want to be close to her husband even though he’s gone.

It could be a promise ring

Promise rings are usually worn on the left ring finger until the people wearing them get married. It might end up on the right hand if they want to keep wearing it.

You can also wear a promise ring on a necklace. Wearing one on your left ring finger might be too serious.

When a man is gifted a promise ring, he won’t want to wear it on his finger but might feel okay wearing it on a necklace.

Maybe the ring doesn’t have anything to do with marriage, so it would make more sense to hang it from a necklace.

Someone could give it to their loved one when they deploy with the military or go to college in a different state.

Someone could have health issues

If you’re older, you might begin to have problems with your health. Wearing rings can be painful when you have arthritis.

Once you reach a point where it’s difficult to put your ring on without hurting yourself, it’s better to wear it on a chain.

Arthritis is the most common health problem that prevents you from wearing rings on your fingers. There are lots of different diseases that make it impossible too.

Some people don’t like wearing rings

You might hate wearing rings, which is a problem when you’re getting married. Women are expected to wear engagement rings and wedding bands.

Men will usually be expected to wear a wedding band, although they do get a bit more leeway. Nobody can force you to wear a ring on your finger if you don’t want to.

It’s probably the least likely reason why someone wears a ring on their chain, but it’s still possible. It’s also more common for men to refuse to wear one.

What does it mean when a woman has a ring on her necklace?

People will assume a woman with a ring on her necklace is a widow, especially if she’s a little older.

If someone is in their twenties, people might think they’re too young to have lost a husband, so they’ll have a ring around their neck to look trendy.

When someone has a ring around their neck at work, they’ll want to keep it safe, especially if they’re working in certain industries.

What does it mean when a man wears a ring on a necklace?

Why do men wear rings around their necks? The ring on necklace trick is a bit different for guys. A lot more men hang rings from a necklace than women.

Men are more likely to work in construction jobs where rings would get damaged if worn on fingers. They’ll take it off when they’re at the gym or playing sports too.

Men who hate rings will refuse to wear them even if they’re married. They might hang one from a necklace to make their wife happy. This is seen less often in women.

How to put a ring on a necklace?

How would you put your ring on a necklace? You can obviously open it up and slide one end through the ring.

It’s the quickest way to hang your ring on a necklace, so it’s great when you’re in a jam. But it’s not the best way because it will never sit flush.

If you want the ring to sit nicely you can use one of these:

  • Circular/oval ring holder
  • Custom-shaped ring holder
  • Necklace bail

A small circular ring holder will let the ring sit flat on your chest, whereas an oval ring holder will leave the top of your ring pointing outwards.

If you want something a bit fancier, you’ll find lots of beautiful custom-shaped ring holders. It’ll be as important to your look as the ring itself.

Try to avoid cheap lobster clasps because a ring is only as safe as the weakest part of your necklace.

Questions + Answers

Is it okay to wear a wedding ring on a necklace?

Hanging a ring from your necklace is just as safe as wearing one on your finger. People think it’s dangerous to wear wedding rings on a necklace because they’re expensive and invaluable.

When was the last time your necklace fell off? Just make sure you have a good one because the clasp will be a hundred times more secure.

It’s not okay to wear a wedding ring on a cheap necklace. The risk is too big as it could snap at any moment.

I would avoid wearing an engagement ring on your necklace, especially if it’s got a juicy diamond. It’s risky wearing any ring around your neck if it looks expensive.

Someone could easily rip it from your neck when you’re walking outside.

Can I use a ring as a pendant?

It’s okay to wear a ring around your neck if you want to jazz up your necklace. Even a basic one will make a lovely pendant.

If you’re buying a ring because you want to use it as a pendant, it doesn’t need to be expensive. You don’t need a platinum ring when sterling silver would suffice.

If you choose gold, the purity doesn’t need to be too high. Just make sure it’s not cheap enough to turn your neck green.

Don’t wear a statement ring around your neck if it’s too big because it probably won’t look right. Wooden and ceramic rings can look good on a necklace.

If you don’t plan on wearing it on your finger at any point, it’s probably best to get a proper ring-shaped pendant.

What does double ring necklace mean?

If you see interlocking rings on a necklace, it’s supposed to represent love and endless devotion to someone. These rings aren’t supposed to go on your finger.

It’s a popular gift to get someone for Valentine’s Day if you want to show you’re committed to them. You won’t see a two ring necklace for guys because they’re so uncommon.

What do three rings on a necklace mean?

In the 19th century, the Christian Orthodox community started wearing three intertwined rings. It’s supposed to represent the Holy Trinity: The Son, The Father, and The Holy Ghost.

There is a good chance a person wearing three rings is doing so for religious reasons, but it’s a stylish design that might just be a fashion statement.

Wearing Wedding Ring Around Your Neck Meaning

What does a ring on a necklace mean to you? Just think about the first thing that pops into your head whenever you see someone wearing one.

That doesn’t mean it’s what people will think when they see you wearing one, but they’ll likely assume it’s one of the meanings we’ve looked at today.

It’s a pretty good way to display your wedding ring if you don’t want to wear it on your finger for some reason.

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