Can Sterling Silver Rings Be Resized?

I’m so annoyed when I end up with a ring that suddenly doesn’t fit.

Maybe you’re having trouble too because it’s too warm or cold at the moment. Perhaps you’ve been enjoying a bit too much food lately.

So can sterling silver rings be resized to solve the problem?

Can Sterling Silver Rings Be Resized?

Jewelers can resize sterling silver rings because it’s a soft metal. But thanks to the softness it’s harder to resize than a gold ring. It becomes even more difficult if you have a complex setting with lots of little gemstones.

Can You Resize Sterling Silver Rings Easily?

There are a few different reasons why it’s not very easy to resize sterling silver rings. Firstly, a jeweler needs to be good at their job.

Silver is very soft compared to some metals, so it can lose its shape and strength. If the setting is damaged a sterling silver ring won’t look good.

The metal is a much better conductor than gold when it’s heated up. Even if the jeweler is heating the bottom of the ring the heat will spread.

If you have gemstones on the ring they could be ruined, so a jeweler might need to remove the stones before resizing your sterling silver ring.

How Much Does It Cost To Resize A Sterling Silver Ring?

Sterling silver rings will cost the same sorts of prices as other rings when resized. At the low end, you might be charged less than $50 from the dealer.

On the high end, it might cost you a few hundred dollars. If you have a fancy ring with lots of gemstones and an elaborate setting it’s going to cost more.

The problem with sterling silver rings isn’t how much they cost to be resized. You might end up wasting money because silver isn’t worth much.

Silver is much worse than sterling silver because it’s less pure, but getting the ring resized could still cost more than the ring is worth.

It would be easier selling the scrap metal and buying a new ring unless it holds great sentimental value.

How Hard Is It To Resize A Sterling Silver Ring?

You already know silver is soft and conductive which makes rings hard to resize. Here are some of the biggest reasons why it’s more expensive and tougher to resize:

  • Removing the gemstones
  • Submerged in water
  • Laser machine resizing
  • Rhodium plating

Removing the gemstones

Prong-set gemstones are held in position pretty tightly to make sure they don’t fall out. Before any work starts all the stones will be removed.

If you only have one large stone in the center of the ring it’s not a big deal. Once you’re dealing with multiple stones it takes even longer.

The jeweler will need to painstakingly re-mount the stones when they’re done, which seems excessive for a sterling silver ring due to the costs involved.

Submerged in water

Sometimes the jeweler will be able to resize a sterling silver ring without removing a stone. If you only have one they can submerge the ring in water.

Water is a good heat sink because it can absorb the heat before it reaches your ring setting, so your gemstone won’t be damaged.

This can only be done if your sterling silver ring has a pretty thin band. The temperature involved wouldn’t be enough for rings with a thicker band.

Laser machine resizing

When silver is resized using a laser machine it’s much more effective, but it’s an expensive piece of equipment most jewelers don’t own.

You’ll need to look around to find somewhere it’s available. It means jewelers get to charge a bit more to resize your sterling silver ring.

If there are any jewelers with a laser machine and you want your ring to look flawless when it’s done you should check them out.

Rhodium plating

Sterling silver rings can be plated in various ways, but rhodium-plated rings are probably the most popular right now.

Rhodium is in the platinum family and when it’s sitting on silver it keeps it looking good. It’s easy to scrape and tarnish sterling silver without protection.

If the jeweler burns the rhodium while working with high heat it will ruin the appearance of your ring. It makes the job a bit more difficult than normal.

Is It Possible To Resize Sterling Silver Rings More Than 2 Sizes?

A lot of jewelers tend to agree you shouldn’t get your rings resized more than twice during their lifetime.

But others think you should only resize a sterling silver ring once because it becomes too weak and the structural integrity disappears.

Even if your ring doesn’t snap it can still lose its shape and the aesthetics will be gone forever. Only you can decide if you want to take the risk.

It might be too late for your current sterling silver ring but ensure you choose the correct size ring when you buy one in the future.

And you should always size up your ring size because it’s a lot easier to make it smaller, plus you won’t have to worry about obstacles like weight gain.

Where Can I Get A Sterling Silver Ring Resized?

There are a couple of places you can get your sterling silver ring resized. Let’s look at the options and you can weigh the pros and cons:

  • Jewelry store
  • Online

Jewelry store – Most people will visit their local jewelry store because it’s what they’ve been doing all their life. If the jeweler isn’t busy it’s quick and easy.

Online – Nowadays you can look online for jewelry websites that let you send your ring in to be resized. You can usually find great deals although you will pay for shipping.

How Can I Resize My Sterling Silver Ring At Home?

It’s possible to stretch a sterling silver ring, which means you’ll be able to resize your ring at home. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Your ring can’t have stones
  • It can only go up a 1/2 size
  • You’ll need a ring stretcher
  • Guess your ring size at home
  • You can’t resize the ring down

Your ring can’t have stones

You won’t be able to resize a sterling silver ring yourself if there is a stone. The moment you stretch the ring it will probably fall out.

It’s even worse if it doesn’t fall out straight away because it’s more likely to vanish when you’re not paying attention.

It can only go up a 1/2 size

When you get a ring resized at the jewelers a plain band can be resized up and down about 2 sizes. You’ll have to ask the jeweler about rings with complex designs.

At home, you’ll only be able to increase the size of the ring by a 1/2 size. If you attempt to stretch it any more it’s going to weaken and distort.

You’ll need a ring stretcher

Before you do anything you’ll need to get a ring stretcher from the store or Amazon. It’s a basic tool that won’t cost you a lot of money to buy.

It will come with instructions and it’s easy to use at home, but you essentially place the ring onto something and give it a couple of small taps with a hammer.

Guess your ring size at home

You will also need to guess your ring size in case you don’t need to go up a full 1/2 size. Maybe going up a 1/4 size will be good enough.

If you pick up a ring sizer measuring tool to help you out. It’s like a zip tie with numbers on it and costs a few dollars.

It’s especially good to have if you want to put your sterling silver ring on a new finger because all your fingers are different sizes.

You can’t resize the ring down

There is a way to resize rings to make them smaller at home, but you’ll need much more advanced tools which isn’t worth it.

So if your ring is loose there isn’t anything you can do. You’ll only be able to carry out DIY jobs at home when your ring is too tight.

Ring Sizing Beads For Sterling Silver Rings

I would think about getting ring sizing beads on your sterling silver ring if you want to make it smaller because they’re great.

When it comes to ring sizing beads vs resizing they each have their pros and cons. A huge bonus is the money you’ll save because they’re cheap.

If you don’t know what they are it’s little beads that are placed onto the bottom of your band to reduce the circumference.

Can Sterling Silver Rings Be Resized?

Jewelers can resize sterling silver rings because it’s soft, but it’s tricky because of things like how easily silver conducts heat. If you think it’s worth resizing a silver ring visit a reputable jeweler. Only attempt it at home if your ring is cheap.

If you live close to a reasonably big city you should be able to find a jeweler with a laser machine. Or you can always send your ring to a store you find online.

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